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Shibari Jute Ropes 5mm 6mm, best quality, organicly grown

Japanese Jute

The way we handle a rope will determine its longevity and integrity. Once we have the optimum material, processed, manufactured and finished in the best possible way, we still have to take care of how we use and store it.

Excessive heat, light and moisture will all affect jute rope. Avoid storing your ropes close to heat sources, exposed to direct sunlight, or in a damp environment. Because twisted jute rope retains positional memory, it is not advised to leave it coiled in bundles for extended periods, and especially not stored in plastic where it may sweat.

Store jute rope at, or below room temperature, hanging loosely over a rail. This allows it to relax in a natural, dry airflow when not in use. A horizontal rail at a height over 2 meters permits an 8 meter folded line to hang freely without touching the floor.

Custom wooden Bondage Furniture, best materials used on all designs

Bondage furniture

High quality custom made furniture and wooden designs, made especially for your needs and desires.

Only top quality materials used to ensure maximum pleasure and durability.

Feel free to communicate with us and share your thoughts and needs.
We guaranty we can come up with a solution that fits you!